About Us

Arika Larson founded Women Be Wise(tm) after receiving a number of requests from female clients interested in "doing the right thing with regard to money" but they weren't sure where to begin.  They were afraid to ask questions, because they thought they should “already know this stuff”.  We decided to build a resource that empowers women during every one of life's transitions; marriage, childbirth, retirement and long term care planning, death and divorce, to learn to not only manage their finances, but to protect their families, and to plan for a secure future.  Whatever your transition is… Our goal is to empower you.

Women Be Wise™ is a collaborative of individuals dedicated to demystifying money, and therefore allowing you to take charge of your financial future.  We are, at our essence, your “Financial Board of Advisors” (BOA ™).  We have highly trained professionals from the areas of financial planning, insurance, accounting, taxes, CPA's and life coaches committed to supporting your growth and development.  Our goal is to support and empower you taking control of your family's financial security.

Arika Larson founded Women Be Wise in 2002.

Why Work With Women Be Wise?

You can hire an attorney, CPA, financial planner and life coach, but will they work together as a team towards a common goal and do they understand your needs?


Women Be Wise™ brings together a group of seasoned professionals—your personal board of financial advisors—who will work in concert to assist you in creating your financial future from the ground up. We understand the specific needs of women and the fact that most women relate money to various transitions in their life. That is why we at Women Be Wise™ focus on 5 major life transitions:


  1. As a family grows through marriage, childbirth, adoption, or in considering a “special needs” family member, Life Insurance becomes a top priority to establish a sense of security and peace of mind.
  2. As children grow and we are less overwhelmed by their arrival, we begin to think about College Funding to support your children in achieving their life's purpose.
  3. Then, as we age Retirement Planning begins to become more and more important. We want to develop a strategy to create money that will allow us to, at a minimum, maintain our dignity. Better yet, the strategy should create money for our lifestyle through income replacement strategies, and even better, for philanthropic activities within our communities.
  4. Before you know it, we start to “slow down”. We realize we are not invincible and we start to think about Long Term Care either for ourselves, or for our aging parents. Did you know that 1 out of 4 of us will provide long term care at some point in our life? Our goal is that you can pay for it with long term care insurance!
  5. And lastly, we are very familiar with the fact that many marriages today end in divorce. So we created our Money and Divorce department. We will support you in making the right decisions on the “financial side of divorce. ”Our goal is to support you in making sure that your family doesn't suffer yet another loss, that of income, if your ex-husband were to die. As well as working with you to set up your own retirement plan, and help you invest any money that you may have received in the settlement.


We are committed to working with you, understanding your goals, and providing a solution that best fits your lifestyle, supports your current and future goals, and leaves you feeling inspired and empowered in your financial future.

Email: info@womenbewise.com