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Life Insurance

Real Life Stories

Life Insurance isn’t for the people who die, it is for the people who live.

“It broke my heart to hear my daughter Dorsey say she wished her daddy was still here. But thanks to his foresight, we will still have the things he worked for.”

Dorsey’s father Bryan felt a tingling in his arm. The diagnosis – an inoperable brain tumor. He died six months later, at 33, leaving his wife Deana alone to raise Dorsey and her sister Hattie.

Fortunately, Bryan bought life insurance when he got married, and again when his daughters were born.

Deana invested the proceeds in her own clothing store, which gives her the flexibility to spend more time with her children.

Are you prepared? Without life insurance, your financial plan may be just a savings and investment program that dies when you do. An insurance agent or other financial professional can help you create a plan that will continue to provide for the ones you love.

College Funding

Real Life Stories

Ebony and Shanna Blanchard

When Jackie Blanchard's husband died at 28 with barely enough life insurance to pay for his funeral, she purchased enough coverage for herself to ensure that her young daughters, Ebony and Shanna, would be fine if something happened to her.

Two years later, she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Jackie used her policy's accelerated death benefit provision to finance a home and a car for her daughters and to fund their future education.

Today, Ebony, a recent college graduate, and Shanna, a high school senior, live in the home their mother purchased for them and are realizing the dreams she had always wanted for them.

If you or your spouse died prematurely, could your children still attend college or would their college savings plan die with you?


Real Life Stories

Ebony and Shanna Blanchard

Thanks to John and Maries life long efforts of “saving a bit” each month, they were able to retire this year. They didn't do anything extraordinary, they were just diligent. They purchased a permanent life insurance when they married to begin building cash value, and an income replacement stream when they retired, and additional term insurance at the birth of each of their 4 children. John maxed out his 401k, and Marie, a stay at home Mom always contributed to her IRA. Thanks to years of “tending their financial garden” they now spend their days playing with there 10 grandchildren and traveling to sites they have always wanted to see.

Long Term Care

Real Life Stories

Sarah was always well put together when she would arrive at the church functions, but this week she looked “thrown together” and worn out. When asked, she said the burden of caring for her ailing husband was taking its toll. She wasn't complaining, she loved him, but she was tired. Then someone from the parish asked her if she had called about her Long Term Care Insurance policy. She had completely forgotten so she went home and called. By the next day, Sarah had a care coordinator helping her assess she and her husbands needs and within days, a care plan, and care providers were in place. Sarah was back to her cheerful “well put together” self within weeks thanks to her ability to keep her husband at home with her and pay for the round the clock care providers her husband required.

Do you know how you would provide round the clock care for your spouse if they needed it?  It might be time to put a plan in place.

Disability Income

Real Life Stories

Amy Reid was 42 when a horrific car accident nearly claimed her life. She was at the height of her career, had 3 beautiful children and a loving husband.  She had it all and she was invincible.  But after the accident, she had to relearn how to walk and talk, and short-term memory loss has made it impossible for her to return to work. Fortunately, Amy had good employee benefits and had also purchased a supplemental disability insurance policy when her first child was born.  Those policies are her main source of income today. She also owns a permanent life insurance policy with cash accumulation . That policy will cover her expenses after age 65 when the disability insurance coverage runs out.  Amy never thought this would happen to her… but she purchased the insurance, just in case.

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